March 16, 2012

Persuasive Techniques

The second part of my persuasive unit focuses on persuasive techniques.  This part of the unit is equally as engaging to students as the first.  I begin my unit on persuasive techniques by using a PowerPoint presentation that covers nine important techniques: glittering generalities, bandwagon, endorsement/testimonial, bait and switch, repetition, scientific approach, transfer, something for nothing, and urgency. Students have a handout that mirrors the PowerPoint slides we are going over, and they fill in the notes as we go. As we go through each slide, students have tons of examples to share from commercials they have seen.  After we discuss the nine techniques, we watch four commercials that I have pre-selected that include the techniques we have studied.  Students jot down which techniques they are able to identify in the commercials on their handouts.  Throughout the week, we constantly review the nine techniques, their definitions, and examples (see posters below).  The next step is for students to apply their knowledge by creating their own persuasive commercials using at least one of the nine techniques.  My TpT package includes the rubric I use to grade the commercials. While grading the commercials, I also take into account the students' self and group evaluations.  Students fill out self and group evaluations that assess the contribution each group member made to their final product.  Finally, the unit concludes with a quiz over the nine persuasive techniques.

Here is a preview of my persuasive techniques unit on TpT.  Unfortunately, I couldn't fit all of the files into the preview page.  

Not pictured: persuasive techniques quiz and the students' self and group evaluations 

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