August 21, 2012

Some Classroom Pictures

After hours of work in my classroom, I'm finally ready (or as ready as I will ever be)!  This is my new 4th grade classroom!  It took me a VERY long time to setup my classroom this year.  I was hired in a new school district, so I had to move all of my stuff from my old school district to my new one.  And, on top of that, my new room is MUCH smaller than my old one.  I have an "inner" room, which is a nice way of saying I have no windows :(.  I did find a great fake window that went with my sports theme though! Check out the before and after pictures below!  The before pictures were taken as the previous teacher was finishing up.

August 12, 2012

TpT Back to School Sale

Don't forget about TpT's Back to School Sale!!!
All of the items in my TpT store are 10% off today and tomorrow.  Plus, if you enter the code BTS12, you can get an extra 10% off. I hope you have a great beginning to your school year! :)

August 09, 2012

What's in Your Cart? Linky

I decided to participate in Cassandra's (Adventures in Room 5) "What's in Your Cart?" linky!  Here are some of the TpT items I plan on purchasing...

Ms. Jordan Reads:
This resources looks great!  I could definitely use it to help my students improve their reading fluency this year.

 Lesson Plan SOS Teachers:

 This is one of many sets that I would like to purchase from Lesson Plan SOS. This set seems like it's so comprehensive, and that it will help me organize my reading time this year!

Clutter Free Classroom:

I must get this pack!  I just put together a substitute binder, and I would love to include the activities in this pack.  It will be such a time saver if/when I can't make it to school!

What are some of the items you are planning to purchase on TpT???

August 08, 2012

Revamped and New

I really wanted to revamp my genre resources.  They were one of the first items I posted on TpT back in March.  So, I kept the polka dot and striped backgrounds, but I added some new graphics and changed the font.  I think they look extra cute now! :)

Also, I just added some posters for different types of writing (descriptive, narrative, expository, persuasive, response to text, and research).  These were made due to an excellent suggestion from one of my TpT followers!

Also, an update on my classroom....Pictures should be posted in the next two weeks!!!

August 04, 2012

My Trip to NYC and a Freebie

Sorry I've been away from my blog for a little while.  I was in NYC for the last five days!  With school right around the corner, it was nice to have a little vacation to take a break from all the back-to-school prep.  I had an absolute blast!  Since I have been to NYC a couple of times before, I was able to do some new things this time around, such as going to the 9/11 Memorial (which wasn't constructed the last time I went), going to the Museum of Natural History, seeing the play Chicago, going "on top of the rock" at 30 Rock, going on a dinner cruise (which was absolutely picturesque), and much, much more!  The sweetest place I went was Dylan's Candy Bar (wow, I'm cheesy)...It was three floors of candy!  YUM!  I didn't even know about it until I watched a recent episode of Project Runway, so I had to go buy some treats!  ;)  

Here are a couple of products, including a FREEBIE, that I have recently posted.  The FREEBIE was for getting to 300 followers on TpT!!!  I was so ecstatic to hit that milestone, and I really appreciate each and every follower I get! :)  

                                               Owl Themed Editable Labels $3.00                      Punctuation Mark Posters $2.00

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday