February 15, 2015

Moby Tablet Giveaway

As you know from my last post, I'm a strong supporter of MobyMax. My students use MobyMax a lot as both an intervention and enrichment tool. If you currently incorporate MobyMax into your lessons, or are interested in doing so, they have a tablet that makes student use SO much easier! AND...drum roll please...You have the opportunity to win a Moby Tablet for your own classroom (see the giveaway Rafflecoper at the end of this post)!!!

Here are four reasons why the Moby Tablet rocks my socks...

Reason #1: Price Point
The Moby Tablet is only $69, people! It's much more affordable than other types of tablets. It's reasonable enough to write a grant for an entire class set in the future (on my to-do list)!

Reason #2: Safety Settings
One feature that makes the Moby Tablet stand out compared to other tablets is its control settings. This is probably my FAVORITE feature of all. There are always a couple of students in each class who try to browse the Internet if you're not watching them like a hawk. You know who they are...Luckily, you can set up the following safety features for student use. You can easily lock which websites students are able to visit on there Moby Tablet. That is a great preventative approach. I'm all about it!

Reason #3: Ease of Use
In my classroom, we often use Chromebooks to complete assignments. Although I love our Chromebooks, I have found the Moby Tablet to be easier and quicker for students to use. The Moby Tablet is less bulky than a computer, and students do not need to go through the whole log-in process that they would need to go through on their Chromebooks. After my students turn on the Moby Tablet, it is setup to go right to the MobyMax sign-in page. With the limited amount of time we have for instruction every day, saving even a couple of minutes is a lifesaver!

Reason #4: Student Engagement
Students LOVE being able to use a tablet! In my classroom, it's extremely special, since we typically do not have access to tablets. I like to setup contests through MobyMax, and I often award extra tablet time to students who have been earning the most points in the contest. If you have one, or just a few tablets, you could easily use them as a center, or rotate their use through members of your class.