March 17, 2012

Other Persuasive Resources

Here are some other persuasive resources you can use in your classroom.

This site provides guidance in setting up a piece of persuasive writing.  It covers prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, reviewing, and publishing. Each page provides an explanation of the specific stage of writing being addressed and includes worksheets you can use too!

Alycia Zimmerman's Scholastic "Classroom Solutions" Blog
Ms. Zimmerman has two blog posts about creative ways to include persuasive writing into the classroom.  The first post focuses on students using blogs to make posts "for" and "against" various topics, and the second post focuses on students creating Xtranormal movies to convince people to side with their side of an argument. 

This post provides terrific resources for the following persuasive strategies: claim, big names, logos, pathos, ethos, kairos, and research.  I like the "Persuasion Is All Around You" handout.  


  1. Hi Kathleen, I just found your blog and became your newsiest follower! I love the persuasive writing resources!!! I look forward to reading more posts! Stop by my blog anytime!

    One Teacher's Take

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for following me! I am new to blogging and to TpT, so I'm still learning how to do everything. I just stopped by your blog and it looks great! :)