April 16, 2012

Career Unit

Our state testing starts next week!  I have been using my "Getting Ready for the Test" materials with my students throughout the last couple of weeks, but I still can't believe it's almost time.  Over the weekend, I began to plan ahead for our next unit.  Yes, we do keep learning after the tests are over!  I like to do a career unit at the end of the school year.  It's a fun way to cover some research and communication standards, and it provides real world connections to what students are learning in school.  Students like this unit because they are able to pick a career based on their interests and skill sets.  They love to find out information about the careers they choose, especially how much money they can potentially make in the future :).  I went through the files that I have used in the past, updated them, and added a couple new files to create a career unit for TpT. 

What is your favorite unit to teach towards the end of the year?

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