January 01, 2016

Figurative Language Poems~Freebie Included

One of my absolute favorite units to teach each year is my poetry unit! Here's a prior post that includes some of the activities that I do with my students to help them analyze and create their own poetry. As we start our poetry unit, I always begin by reintroducing and reinforcing my students' knowledge of figurative language. Figurative language is a common characteristic of poetry, and students need to have an understanding of figurative language to comprehend the poems that they read. Figurative language is so important it's mentioned in our CCSS twice (under the Reading Literature and Language strands)! I also explain to my students that they should be trying to enhance their own poetry with figurative language.

So, I created a resource that will hopefully help students gain a better understanding of each type of figurative language, provide them with a way to practice their oral reading skills, and includes an assessment of students' knowledge...Figurative Language Poems! Hopefully you will be able to use my Simile Poem Freebie in your classroom! Enjoy! :)

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