April 18, 2014

Test Prep: Part 2

So, I recently posted Test Prep: Part 1 to give you some insight into what I do to prepare my students for our state testing!....Make sure you check it out if you haven't already.  Part 1 is more about the serious things we do to prep.  Now, for Test Prep: Part 2....the fun stuff!

Language Arts Olympics
In addition to what I've mentioned above, and the research papers we started this month, we will have a "Language Arts Olympics" this Friday and the following Monday (which is the day before the reading OAA).  Students will get into groups and work together to answer a wide variety of questions that address the standards we have covered this year.  There is a tentative gold, silver, and bronze medal team after the first day of games.  However, things can change during the second day!  I use the certificated found in the set below to award my students on the top three teams.

Test Prep Story

Testing Miss Malarkey is a humorous book, and it makes a great to read aloud before or after state tests. 


Test Prep Songs
(since the videos are a little grainy, see the links below them)

Every year in the weeks leading up to the test, I play the following "12 Power Words" rap for my students. Then, I give them a handout with the lyrics.  My students get into groups and I encourage them to create their own beats to read the rap to.  We practice for a week straight, and then during the second week, each group gets a chance to perform for the class.  I try to make it extra special by selecting a group from each class to present their rap to the rest of the school on our morning announcements.  They love it!

Lastly, I cam across this little gem recently, and I am planning on showing it to my students soon! They all love the movie Frozen, and I'm sure they'll get a kick out of this! :)

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  1. I totally forgot about Testing Miss Malarkey! Thanks for linking up! :)