March 15, 2013

Similes, Metaphors, Test Prep, and a Currently, Oh My!

It took a long time to get this set done, but I'm so proud of it!  I decided to make this set, "Identifying Similes and Metaphors: Monthly Practice," since one of the fourth grade ELA standards is for students to be able to identify similes and metaphors.  I created 8-12 sentences to go with each month. Some are similes, some are metaphors, and some are neither (they are just regular sentences).  Students have to color the sentences based on which type of sentence they are: simile, metaphor, or neither.  I also included a colored in "answer sheet" for teachers to refer to, or for students to use to self-grade their work.  Lastly, there is an extension page where students can write what two things are being compared in the similes and metaphors, as well as what the similes and metaphors mean. This set can be used to help introduce similes and metaphors to your students, or as reinforcement of these concepts throughout the school year.

I decided to combine three of my sets into one big Test Preparation Bundle!  You can save $2.00 by buying the bundle, versus buying the sets separately. With state testing just around the corner, these resources can provide fun and visually appealing ways to prepare your students for their tests! 

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