July 23, 2012

Character Education and Grandparents Day Resources

Here are a couple of my newest products: 

 This is a great resource to use to positively reinforce students who possess and practice all star character traits. This set includes a poster, definition, handout, certificate and newsletter for each of the following 12 character traits (one/month): Kindness, Initiative, Respect, Patience, Cooperation, Citizenship, Perseverance, Fairness, Work Ethic, Compassion, Self Control, and Responsibility, a "Students Possessing All Star Character Traits" poster, and 12 pages of "frames" to put students' pictures and names on (for your students of the month).

Grandparents Day is September 9th, though you could use these resources anytime during the year!  This set includes includes an interview packet, a "grandma" acrostic, a "grandpa" acrostic, "Grandparents Help Us Grow" poster with craft, and a frame for students to draw a picture of one of their grandparents.


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  4. Those are amazing pictures. It will surely catch the attention of many. You have clearly showed your creativity in this area.

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