January 05, 2021

Free Positive Affirmation Coloring Sheets

Click on the image below to get a set of FREE Positive Affirmation Coloring Sheets! :)

If you like the coloring sheets, you may also like my FREE guided meditations. Click on the image below to be taken to my YouTube channel! :)

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January 02, 2021

Free Guided Meditations

     Let’s start the new year off right! During “the year that must not be named,” I got into the practice of mindfulness. It truly helped me. I made these videos in the hopes that they would be helpful to someone else. I plan to use them in my classroom to help my students practice mindfulness, and I hope that they are useful to you too! I will be adding more videos to my channel in the near future. If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at edmedwithkath@gmail.com. I hope you have a fantastic 2021!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ❤Kath

Growth Mindset Guided Meditation

Beach Guided Meditation

Letting Go of Anger/Frustration Meditation

Mindful Snack

Gratitude Mediation

These meditations can be used to practice mindfulness for kids and adults! 
Enjoy! :)

May 23, 2020

Digital Templates - Digital Stickers - FREEBIE #DistanceLearning

Using Bitmojis in digital designs is all the craze right now. I decided to make my own brick background with a floor (Thanks Photoshop!). It's perfect for displaying a digital schedule or agenda for your students which can be posted on your classroom website or Google Classroom. If you'd prefer a plain brick background, I have a plain red brick background and plain white brick background included in the product listed below this one. The digital stickers you see in the example below are also included in the paid product.

If you like the free template above and you want more templates and digital stickers, click on the image below! :)

Click on the video below for a preview of the ENTIRE product! 

Note: This product requires the use of Google Slides. You must have a Google account and basic knowledge of Google Slides to use this product.
Digital Stickers
-Over 250 digital stickers to use on the digital templates
Calendar/Monthly View Slides
-Includes 3 different versions of editable calendars (36 pages)
-Dates for the 2020-2021 school year are already added
Weekly View Slides
-Includes 16 pages of templates that can be used for weekly plans, homework pages, or agendas for
Organizational Slides
-Includes 42 pages of templates that can be used as homework pages, daily schedules, or for posting groups, as well as “contact information,” “year at a glance,” and “birthday list” pages to help you stay organized
Design Slides
-Includes 11 templates that can be used to design a page to display homework, a daily agenda, etc. (including two completely blank brick pages I created)
Note: You CANNOT use the digital stickers I made to create free or paid products. Also, you CANNOT use the templates or backgrounds I made to create free or paid products. They are for personal use only. Thanks for your understanding!

April 24, 2020

End of Year Poem Coloring Sheet FREEBIE & Digital Memory Book

I just finished making a Digital Memory Book. It is great for the distance learning situation we are currently in, and it's a fun activity students can complete to reminisce on their year. To see a preview of the slides included in the Digital Memory Book, watch the video above.

Why is this the digital memory book you should buy?
  • It is set to a ration of 8 ½ x 11, so it can be printed out on paper.
  • It includes covers for Kindergarten-6th grade (in case you switch grade levels, you won't need to buy another product.
  • It is reusable! It is set so you add the years to the memory book. You won't need to buy a new product every year.
What is included?
  1. A PDF page for you to explain how to assign the digital memory book (including a video that shows how to make edits to the slides)
  2. The Following Google Slide Templates (which you can view in the video above)
  • A directions page for students
  • Memory book cover for 1st grade-6th grade
  • "All About Me" page
  • "Family" page
  • "My Teacher" page
  • "My Teachers" page (include 3 teachers)
  • "A Map of Our Classroom" page
  • "Class Awards" page
  • "Most Likely To Be..." page
  • "Favorites" page
  • "Favorite Book" page
  • "Specials" page (includes art, music, and P.E.)
  • "What I learned in Language Arts" page
  • "What I learned in Social Studies" page
  • "What I learned in Science" page
  • "What I learned in Math" page
  • In My Feelings" page
  • "Accomplishments" page
  • "My future Looks Bright" page
  • "A Snapshot of Today" page
  • "Goals, Goals, Goals" page
  • "Time Capsule" page
  • "My Advice for Future Students" page
  • "Life in Quarantine" page
  • "3 Things I Am Looking Forward to This Summer" page
  • "Things I Am Looking Forward to Next Year" page
  • "A Letter From My Teacher" page
  • Blank template page

April 10, 2020

10 Glitter Stripe Digital Papers/Backgrounds FREEBIE

I've been busy creating Digital Papers/Backgrounds that can be used for personal projects and TPT products. Click the link below for a FREEBIE

March 31, 2020

How to Save Specific Pages From a PDF

I made a quick tutorial that will show you how to extract specific pages from a PDF using Google Drive. Enjoy! :)

November 03, 2017

How to Print Multiple Google Docs

Do your students turn in papers on Google Classroom? I love the idea of grading everything electronically, but if you're like me, you need to print students' papers out...because being on the computer for hours on end hurts my eyes! But, there's always been one major drawback for me, and that is the amount of time it takes to click on each and every paper to print them out. This trick has saved me soooo much time! It's an easy way to print multiple Google Docs at the SAME TIME {holla!}...I know this trick has been around for awhile, but it's new to me. I just wanted to share it with you in the hopes it helps you out too. :) Enjoy!

August 09, 2016

NEW Back to School Products & FREEBIES

I have taken a LONG break from TpT (It's been at least two years since I consistently posted products). I needed that time to relax and get re-inspired. Lately, I've been on a kick with creating new resources. And it feels good! I think that's partly because I am looking at TpT as a hobby nowadays and not a second job...which killed the fun of it for me in the past. I'm not sure if other TpTers can relate, but I'm really happy with my balance now.

In May, I also found out I was going to be changing grade levels. I'll be teaching 8th grade ELA this year! I'm excited for the change, and I think it's helped reinvigorate me. And I have to thank all the TpT sellers I've been buying an insane amount of 8th grade ELA resources from. You've been lifesavers!

So, that leads me to this post....I wanted to share some of the new back to school resources I've created this summer....as well as a couple of FREEBIES at the end! 

P.S. I'm looking forward to showing you a glimpse of my new middle school classroom soon! I can't get into my classroom until next week. Yes, I have 5 days to unpack 49 boxes and set my whole classroom up! Wish me luck, people!!!

If you're looking for a way to impress your students' parents at Open House, check out these "Back to School Editable PowerPoints". There are currently three themes in my store (though I may add more): bee theme, owl theme, and emoji theme

I love technology. My students love technology. Why not have a technology themed classroom? It makes sense! I have done a tech. themed classroom in the past, but I'm looking forward to including emoji themed resources in my decor this year! That's what inspired my "Editable Emoji Labels" and Emoji Editable Open House PowerPoint.

I'm really excited abut my Google Slides Editable Newsletters. They are a great way to communicate with your students'parents, and your changes automatically appear! They also make it easy for a team of teachers to collaborate on one newsletter. There are currently three versions in my store: burlap and plaid, burlap and stripes, and floral and yellow.

I made these Google Chromebook Shortcuts Posters and student reminder sheets for my own classroom. They provide quick shortcuts to Chromebook functions-perfect for the Google classroom.

I also wanted to create some Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets for older kids, now that I will be teaching at a middle school.

These aren't exactly "Back to School" related, but I recently created two new social studies interactive notebooks that I wanted to show you....One is a 5 Major Religion Interactive Notebook and one is an Ancient Egypt Interactive Notebook. I started these eons ago and finally had time (and motivation) to finish them!


And now, the moment you have all been waiting for-FREEBIES! I added a Classroom Birthday List and Parent-Teacher Conference Sheet to my store. They're perfect for the beginning of the year. Enjoy!

I hope you have a great school year! :)

January 26, 2016

Using Flocabulary in 5th Grade {Free Trial}

I started using Flocabulary a few years ago when I discovered the "Five Elements of a Story" video on Pinterest. It was a true "Pinterest success" ;)...I had a great way to review and reinforce common characteristics found in fictional stories, and my students absolutely loved the catchy song. I mean, they begged for me to play it again and again. How could I say "No"? I couldn't...So, needless to say, the "Five Elements of a Story" rap was embedded in my brain as much as my students'. My students kept asking where I had found the video, so I ended up putting the YouTube version on my classroom website. My students would come into school and tell me that they watched it from home. They were actually excited to watch an educational video *cue jaw dropping to the floor*.

Flocabulary has its own YouTube channel. The YouTube channel (and Flocabulary website) have many free sample videos for you to tryout.

1. Flocabulary offers a wide variety of songs and videos for MANY subject areas. I teach language arts, so that's the main tab I use (along with vocabulary), but there are also videos for math, science, social studies, current events and life skills too. The life skills videos section consists of "Social and Emotional Learning" videos, as well as "Financial Literacy" videos. The "Social and Emotional Learning" videos address topics that counselors would find beneficial for students to watch, such as "Bullying", "Conflict Resolution","Managing Frustration", "Goal Setting", and many more. I used the "Oversharing" video in my classroom this year. We were starting our own Kidblogs and it was a great way to review privacy on the Internet with my students.

2. Each video has accompanying resources that you can use with your students. There are three different versions of the song lyrics that you can use with your students, as well as activity sheets to practice the skills that are covered in the video.

3. You can use the "Write Your Own Rhymes" section to have students create their own educational songs. After your students listen to some of Flocabulary's songs, you know they'll want to bust out some lyrics of their own. This section of "Flocabulary" gives your students advice for writing their own songs. And, the coolest part is that it also provides beats that they can use for the backgrounds of their songs. All you have to do is give your students a topic you're currently studying, and it will provide them with a fun way to showcase what they've learned. You can record their songs and play them for the entire class.

4. The "Week in Rap" section is an engaging way to cover current events. Each week a new video is created to recap important news stories. There is a junior version for younger students too, so check them both out to see what is most appropriate for your kiddos. There are resources that you can use with your students to check their comprehension (see examples below).

If you'd like to try Flocabulary (and why wouldn't you???), you can have FREE access for your ENTIRE SCHOOL for 75 days! That's waaaaaay longer than the typical 30 day trial you can get for your entire school. The catch is, Flocabulary is only offering this promotion from January 26th-February 29th! Make sure you click on the image below to get FREE access to Flocabulary for 75 days! What teacher doesn't like something free?!?!?